Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This post will be posted because I want to feel like I did. Like I wrote something apart from the reams of mind-numbing, fact-laden, theory-driven scraps of meaninglessness I have inured myself against and lured my work into. This is to check if I can even make sense anymore.

The sun shone down today, wafted down actually. Weaving in and out through troughs of humid air, it reddened my face and flattened my hair. As I walked out, a note of long forgotten Bombay shivered through my skin. Nostalgia. An always forgotten sin. But that little detail aside, it felt good. Funny how memory of body always brings with it the automatic corollary of mind. Like dragging into the future an indelible, illusionary past unity of self. Longing for an already lost certainty. How many times will I repeat myself?