Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In honor of upcoming exams, which I am most definitely not going to ace, I will blog everday! Yessiree! Every friggin day, I intend to bore you with my not-so-witty, hardly-interesting and intensely-monotonous-and-verbose vaccillations on theory and the lack thereof. And, of course, gossip when I feel like it.

It's raining here, the famous Austin weather definitely makes me feel much better about my own inconsistencies. I was supposed to go see this movie tonight, but am going to back out. Too much to do and too little time and overwhelming panic. Friends of mine are putting up a mini-exhibit on representation though and I plan to get to school for an hour or two in the evening to peep in and run out. And think really deep about the problems of representation even as I struggle to re-present anything resembling a thought, borrowed albeit.

Reading Scandal of the State and trying my best to summarize. Here's what I have so far:
1. The problems of women's representation, rights, condition and progress are statements fraught with the uncertainty of a) defining what we mean by "women" - both as empirical category and as rights-bearing entities disparate from men, b) negotiating radical critiques that disavow the possibility of liberalism versus reformist analyses that aim to work through existing structures of state and governance and c)the very notions of progress and representation
2. The state is not just "state" but this "postcolonial Indian state"
3. How then does the state name "women" and how must a political project do so? What implications does this have for women in the neoliberal state, especially in their accumulative capacity as working women?

Three true questions a day, beats Hemingway's one sentence don't you think? The more I babble, the greater is the possibility of making sense once in a rare while.

Betting on quantity vs. the purist encirclement and evasiveness of quality.