Thursday, May 04, 2006

My reading technique is beginning to be perfected. I resolve to read nine interesting, intriguing, mindblowing, soul-searching, pot-smoking pieces a day...and one extremely crappy one.

I figured this stretch of time before the exams is going to be like the night before the math test. Daddy's not here to drill common sense into my head and even if he were, he would have no idea how to wrap himself around this nonsense; engineers and anthropology you see do not necessarily go together (of course, dropped-out engineers do very well). So, coming back to my technique, I will only keep going if I feel like I am going somewhere. And the easiest, most moronic way to do this is by reading a small amount of easily surmountable, pathetically uninformed, piteously vulnerable scholarship. And so it shall be.

The almost lost art of the cheap thrill rears its sinful head.