Monday, May 08, 2006

I have to make a wedding toast. Unlikely occasion and ever more unlikely sentiment.
What is that can safely be said without running too far from the ostensible cracks in the niceties?

"Here's to x and y, a truer couple there never was and yada yada yada..." or......... "I will keep this short and sweet, cheers" or... "Salut".

What I really want to say is, "I fear for you, I do. I believe it's a brave thing you do. And maybe a foolhardy thing too. This ostensible belief in the promissory naturalism of happily ever after. I wonder how you will resist the temptation of fusing into one, the comfort of speaking for and being spoken for. And then waking up one morning and beginning to sense the unsenseable, say the unspeakable, scream the unrantable."

But that perhaps is my worst fear, and here I am doing what I warn against, making my story theirs. Perhaps the calmer thing to do would be to say,
"I hope for the best. For each of you. In whatever capacity you deem fit. In the perilous nature of hope itself that pre-empts the possibility of its emptiness, I raise a glass, a toast, an ephemeral bubbly overflowing of sentiment and happiness. I hope it all goes splendidly. All I ask are front-row seats;)".