Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm writing an exam. And yes, I'm also blogging. Yes, I'm doing both. So?
And yes, this is a real exam. Very very real, very very exhausting. And yes, I am at home in PJs, rooted to my desk, fingers permanently stuck to the keyboard. Also, I am eating more than I should.

Wondering if I should miss "real" exams. You know, the ones where the loser behind me who definitely hasn't seen the inside of his textbooks in at least three years keeps nudging me in the MOST irritating manner ever (Yes, I was one of those who would perpetually be copied from, so sue me!). And I eventually give in, (1) because my back has a ridge from his persistent physical assaults, (2) he looks like he has a biker gang waiting outside to slash anybody who refuses him the answer to question five or (3)I have written a really bad paper and guess I might as well split the spoils.

But seriously, the pit in the stomach, the pukey morning attacks of virulent viruses right before the math exam, the feeling of complete ecstatic exhiliration right outside the exam hall...been so long.