Sunday, July 15, 2007

x$%: baby, can't understand your post
M: whats new?

x$%: Intellectually challenged x$%
M: no, more like uncontextual M
x$%: hain?
M: I didn't provide context and I don't make it easy to read
but its for me see?

x$%: aha, this is fair
but then why is it out in the open?
M: cause sometimes its fun to be out and not reveal everything, its how we all live right?

x$%: how very metaphorical
M: I could make a story out of it
x$%: oh yes ... i think you should, but don't tell the reader what's really happening
M: absolutely, my blog's a game bereft of rules see?
x$%: hain?
M: so you as reader and I as writer are playing a game, except that neither you nor I are sharing our rules
x$%: a little like calvinball
M: YUS!!! can I post this conversation?
x$%: oh no
M: I won't name you!
x$%: then ok, as long as you refer to me as "mysterious yet beautiful knight of the night"

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