Saturday, March 17, 2007

M: That looks like a railway station
S: The absence of a train is a little significant

I'm sure you're missing the point here, but I promise it was funny.

If you don't believe me, kindly review other 'gems'/'nuggets'/'cheese balls' of wisdow that S spewed in drunken stew-por (the stew being vodka, wine, rum and mixed vegetable, cucumber, cranberry, soya and spinach juices. Copious quantities if I may add.)

Exhibit 1:
Posterity is not the same as posterior unless one is talking in hind-sight.

Exhibit 2:
S: These rice balls are not cheese balls! Man, that's like a wolf in sheep's clothing
S2: Aren't rice balls milder than cheese balls? That would then be a sheep in wolf's clothing
S: Have you ever heard of a wolf that 'baa's?

Exhibit 3:
S: Where am I in this picture? Ah, there I am...and I am not the blanket.

Exhibit 4:
S's perspective

For the rest of the story, write in...three beers per request.