Monday, July 02, 2007

It is a truth universally acknowledged,
that I cannot wake up early.

I try and try and try and from the slow upward movement of the alarm clock to my indolent stirrings in sleep, every half conscious movement proclaims for the world and will to see,
I cannot wake up early!!!

So this morning, 5:31 became 6:30 and then 7:20 and finally at 7:46 I deigned to sit up from slumber and shake sloth from screaming limbs (which were incidentally yelling, "Go back to sleep!)...
Hopefully, the day will be a lesser struggle.

Happy Tuesday all you bums.
These are marginally exciting times.

Research is in full swing, I am collecting data much faster than I can process (which is how it’s meant to be I guess). I can also see how much remains to be written. There are multiple episodes that hit me as I am waking and walking, things that have happened, things that might have… and I try and record myself so I don’t lose the thought. It is all bricolage though, which is, somehow, all that I really expect of myself. The committee, however, might need more. So from all these bits of flotilla, a story I must make. One that makes sense and not only that, out of such sensibility teases something nonsensically paradoxically brilliant.

For example, you can say that “the corporation has taken over our lives” or you can say “it is interesting how we succumb to the banality of corporate life, and yet, expend so much effort to deny such”.

So does attrition occur when such denial is at its professional worst?

“Kya tumka batayein, arey kya samjhayein,
badi durghatna hai, mushkil bachna hai”

Radio Mirchi plays, my laptop rests snug and warm on my blue checked pajamas as I sit on my turquoise/ electric blue divan and stare out of the corner of my eye at the darkening clouds. The rug looks a little dirty, its splotchy patterns of purple and orange dull in the muddy monsoon light. Another rainy day looms. I plan to stay indoors, nurse rum and read. Also write and write some more.

On non-professional fronts,
(1) I have purged…happily (More often than not, I do purge happily)
(2) Things look interesting and exciting although we are still meeting the same people in the same cities
(3) And I am thinking I should probably blog more often
(4) Oh oh oh, and I have been reading up a storm -- Alice Munro and Tim Parks and Joyce Carol Oates...

If only, literature could make up for life...