Sunday, July 15, 2007

x$%: baby, can't understand your post
M: whats new?

x$%: Intellectually challenged x$%
M: no, more like uncontextual M
x$%: hain?
M: I didn't provide context and I don't make it easy to read
but its for me see?

x$%: aha, this is fair
but then why is it out in the open?
M: cause sometimes its fun to be out and not reveal everything, its how we all live right?

x$%: how very metaphorical
M: I could make a story out of it
x$%: oh yes ... i think you should, but don't tell the reader what's really happening
M: absolutely, my blog's a game bereft of rules see?
x$%: hain?
M: so you as reader and I as writer are playing a game, except that neither you nor I are sharing our rules
x$%: a little like calvinball
M: YUS!!! can I post this conversation?
x$%: oh no
M: I won't name you!
x$%: then ok, as long as you refer to me as "mysterious yet beautiful knight of the night"
I wrote the letter a million times over. It looked different in the morning and in the sun. Suddenly, the cloying words and the simpering sweetness eked visceral disgust from my clinging skin. Who was this that wrote this? I don’t know her anymore.

At least she had the good sense not to send it. For a moment, I felt camaraderie and a little empathy. For this other self that is so fragile and yet so discreet.