Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monthly round-up --

In the month of April, I

(1) Was awarded a fellowship
(2) Wrote a dissertation chapter
(3) Played racketball (and beat N hollow)
(4) Played pool (and beat S hollow)
(5) Was propositioned by a UT bus driver
(6) Was not propositioned by the hot professor in sociology
(7) Was told I'd make a great stand up comic if not a stellar academician
(8) Re-discovered Bakhtin
(9) Found a new home
(10) Was invited to do a book review
(11) Was a terrible teacher
(12) Thought up a movie project
(13) Swam
(14) Ran
(15) Attempted in vain to find my centre of gravity

Also, (16) watched the rain....

Much as I realize that this blog post is what my friend 'Goliath and the bunny' would call preening, I am still re-asserting my right to preen. Selectively. And for a more nuanced understanding of my state of mind, refer numbers 11, 14 and 15.



Ganju said...

No no no! I checked with Goliath and the Bunny and he assures me that this isn't preening. Preening sounds more like an academic lecture and requires the use of the word 'panopticon' a minimum of 1.37 times per paragraph.

Ummmm diddly o.

[And he walked out with head lowered respectfully]

Matto said...

How do you two know each other??! What a small world it is.

Ganju said...

Quite right. It's an unpleasantly small world. I keep running into people I wish I didn't. Ah well, c'est la vie.