Sunday, April 06, 2008

(On 9th April 2007, when I resigned from work, I wrote:)

A good emotional ploy is a good one because it nudges and canoodles around the truth. It makes one rethink what one has thought over and over again. As if one's words were but material to redeploy in the service of some other truth.
And larger truths there are. Depends on whose path one is beholden to.

Am I making the right decisions? Is this what my life wants? I wish I knew, I'm not sure I even know what country I want to live in.


shrik said...

Quite a unique resignation letter, I must say. I wish you were around when I'd turned in my resignation, would've made my boss's head spin! :(

Matto said...

You think I gave this in?:P (although on second thoughts it might have worked better than the letter I actually handed in!)