Monday, April 07, 2008

The senility of form, the vagaries of content.
Today, I have been unusually productive. Written a book review, advised students and cooked. Not particularly noteworthy, but it hints at the possibility of routine and for this, I am grateful. Routine is safe, albeit boring.

On an unrelated note, I also wasted an hour of this uber productive day attending a talk hosted by the Department of Comparative Literature. A talk which was too long, was about a book written on a series of books by somebody else (well, it is comp lit, so well) and used the words 'omnipotence', 'image' and 'explosion' far too many times for me to comprehend in what order they made sense. Or if they did.

I have a talk to do end of the month. Pray to God it's not as sleep-inducing. A woman walked with me to the elevator at the end of the talk and remarked that it was one of the most depressing talks she had attended. I agreed, perhaps for other reasons I must admit. Ah, how easy it is to escape the differences within sameness.