Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I have a strange relationship with the corporation and with corporate life in general. I desire it and abhor it in turns. And today I was reminded of the worst parts of it that I can happily do without:

(a) The penchant for stating the obvious
(b) The penchant for stating the obvious again and again and again
(c) All of the above + the need to stay impeccably coiffure-d and kitty-licked; as if the appearance of control is but the symptom of a causal inner control

So we have verbiage and the debris of the mind. As if "to say" is not an action that merits thought or effort. Eeyugh!

One sees parts of it seeping into academia as well in that words seem to have no value. And I value words. If nothing else, I value them as a measure of meaning, as the only way to know and without which meaning would have no meaning. And yet, I find them strewn about like so much flotsam and jetsam. Double eeyugh!

(yes, yes, I see the irony of the endlessly verbose post!)

Between the corporation and academia; the former promising that it will manage that which the latter claims is inherently unmanageable -- I am undeniably torn.

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