Sunday, May 03, 2009

Much like many others of the "liberal arts" ilk, I tend to the metaphor. Something is always something else. Something is never anything by itself. It is tied to other things, it is like other things, it's properties can only be understood in relation to the properties of something else.

For example, this week, I think that living life is like dancing the tango. One must follow, but energetically. One must listen to the music and let the steps come. One must hold on, but not lean on. One must keep the head held high. One must find the core. One must keep connection, but be aware of the self in the process. Above all, one must be light and one must dance.

On other fronts, I am learning to tango.

It is a beautiful day. The shadows are long and lean on the brick facade of my neighbours' buildings. The trees are lovely and the colours warm and gentle. Strains of music play in the background of my living room. My skirt has tassels that flutter.


shrik said...

Great! You could ask Senti for pointers, he was learning the tango some years back...

Mathangi said...

I don't think so :)