Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter to somebody I knew

We haven't spoken in a while. But today I read something you wrote many years ago. You wrote about confusion and force and love and wrangling, rambling touch and sound. It reminded me of who you used to be. It reminded me of who I used to be. And I am still that. And I trust you are too. And yet we do not speak.

It is perhaps well. Because imagine wanting to be who we were. And reminding one another everyday of the person we used to know. Forcing one another to be what was most dear to us about ourselves. Imagine.

You were beautiful though. As I think, was I.


Anonymous said...


Anna said...

i like this one very much girl. and of course i cannot help wondering :)

Mathangi said...

Ki: Thank you :) and thanks for dropping by

Anna: Well now you know.

Gouri Dange said...

lyrical - nuanced. love it already