Monday, December 07, 2009


It's our age. We think we know that the miracle is a lie and we always look for a hidden or suppressed explanation. We would rather have greed and lust as motive than love. We are reassured by slyly mocking references to our squalor, our smells and our expulsions, than our trembling modesty, or to our quivering desire for affection. We are not even allowed souls any more, and our secret inner spaces are merely sites of unresolved turmoil, raw with throbbing wounds.

-- Desertion; Abdulrazak Gurnah


Ganju said...

Abdulrazak Gurnah (born 1948 in Zanzibar) is a Tanzanian novelist based in the United Kingdom. From 1980 to 1982, Gurnah lectured at the Bayero University Kano in Nigeria. He then moved to the University of Kent, where he earned his PhD in 1982. He is now a lecturer there.

Anna said...

VAAAVVV!! Ganju is so knowledgeable ya ;)

Ganju said...
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Ganju said...

Hahahaha - ass (and I mean Anna here) - it's all about context. When M for Tangy started reading this book she called me and asked me to check the author on wikipedia and read it out to her. So I pasted it here only :)

The only "Abdulrazak" I have heard of is the spinach-phobic Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Razzaq. Apparently this is a different guy.

Mathangi said...

You two are going cray-see. Most knowledgeable Kunal and most funny Anna, now go meditate on the content of the post!

(Oh and Anna, when Kunal visits, please make sure he has his daily side of spinach)