Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have dithered long enough. This is my six hundredth post.

I waited so long so I could say something change-worthy. Something to indicate that I or the blog or life itself has changed. Dramatically. And then write it the same way. The lesson here is that perhaps change, unlike the movies does not happen like a lightning bolt. There is perhaps value to slowness and persistence. So in my six hundredth post, having closely perused the content of the other five ninety nine for the past few weeks, I can safely say it hasn't been a bad blog stint. And hopefully, it will not get worse.

From 2002 to 2008,
(a) I moved countries
(b) changed professions
(c) learnt to drive
(d) completed a research project I am struggling to write
(e) lived both in India and the US
(f) published written work
(g) visited Mexico, Turkey, Switzerland, UAE and Singapore
(h) wrote my second Master's thesis (this time a much more rigorous one!)
(i) developed almost as much a liking for cats as dogs
(j) embarked upon many half assed, thankfully never completed projects
(k) spoke in American and British accents (sometimes both at the same time!)
(l) learnt to love cooking
(m) calmed down and then un-calmed many times over
(n) grew my hair long
(o) named the blog

This year, this blog may change form. Watch this space. Until then, I will however, keep writing.