Friday, March 13, 2009

It has been raining for the past few days in Austin. As I get to my day and tasks, I also read poetry. Rains and poems seem to go together in some ways. Poetry, like epiphany, does not come often. If it does, it is overlooked, seen as a set of words, a meaningless non-sum of meaningful parts, as if one were to have visual agnosia.

A poetry reading primer

(a) Take off your literal glasses
(b) Preferably make it rain
(c) Try and be lightly buzzed, the more natural the substance the, for example, would be a good start
(d) It doesn't need to rhyme in order for you to like it!
(e) You don't need to understand all the words, absorb before you understand
(f) Make a picture of words, paint it in
(g) A healthy appreciation for metaphor, allegory and analogy might be useful
(h) Read it aloud
(i) Play music, preferably non-metal
(j) if still unsuccessful, try harder to achieve (c)
(k) If you like it, memorize it...(it's a strange pleasure to know by rote the things you like)
(k) At this point, if yet floundering, give it up, your life is complete I assure you

Food for thought, via the Wondering Minstrels (who are wonderful!)

London Airport

Last night in London Airport
I saw a wooden bin
So I wrote a poem
and popped it in.

-- Christopher Logue