Monday, October 26, 2009

My life has no clarity which is why I have no stories to tell. The frames are now all slightly awry and we are thick into the messy process of imposing structure, albeit temporary, albeit arbitrary. Which is why I have no stories to tell.

Instead, I will throw at you random bits of information and song, in no specific order of meaning or intent.

A. How to dress like an intellectual

-- Whimsy, whimsy and more whimsy. Whatever you do, dress carefully so as not to match.
-- Oversized/ Quirky glasses
-- A scarf is quite essential
-- Shop at thrift stores
-- Watch your footwear (for women and for men)
-- Carefully tousled, never perfect hair; the whiter, the nicer
-- Moleskine notebook where you scrawl notes most meaningless
-- Anachronism (shoulder pads, boleros*, Bata Quo Vadis**)

When all else fails, copy these and these (and yes, it's true, we can't afford them, but gape and get by)

* are those in fashion now?
** Thank you Vidie

B. Today I have gotten through the day on:

1 no. stupid song

P.S Can you spot Zubisco? When I was ten, I wanted to be named Zubisco.

1 no. most meaningful song

1 no. Item song (Fabulous fabulous movie)

Speaking of sound and voice and all the good stuff, Lotte Hoek was in Austin this afternoon and did a talk on the Bangladeshi film industry; most fun.

C. I would like to play Word Twist; ping me here or on facebook if you are game. I must warn you; I'm fairly good at it. Am awful at Scrabble, so I will refuse all invitations to play.