Friday, November 06, 2009

A Breakthrough

It happens. It does. Sometimes you stare long enough at something and something else begins to emerge. And no, it is not holistic, or contextual, or big picture, or any of those cliched, banal, horridly unimaginative senses of the world. Not figure and ground. Not front and back. Not yin and yang. (Lord save us from antonyms)

So what exactly is this sense of the world? At the risk of being similarly unimaginative, I might contend that it is a sense of parallel time and space. One which can comprehend at the least, an affective or bodily sense of simultaneity. That is, one that doesn't ask why is this red and that blue but knows that these are different schemes of color, comprehended by a unique biological visual mechanism, mediated by language and judged by a value system configured by cultural codes of beauty and apprehension. And all of this at the same time.

A breakthrough. A minor one.