Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Cavalier Cook - Numero Tres

The marathon is officially done with tomorrow. But the cavalier cook will only be on day Numero Dos, because the new year is officially Numero Uno! Tomorrow, we will start the run up to 2010, but tonight, much like the rabbit or wait, much like Alice, we are LATE! More on the day later, but let's get to today's fare, shall we?

Paneer Chilli Stir Fry Wrap and a little cherry topped sweet nothing

My friend Mridula and I returned from an afternoon of shopping at Costco (more on that cultural experience some other inebriated time!). We needed something quick and preferably something Amuse-Bouche-like; and yes, I watch Top Chef too:). In twenty minutes, we were stuffing ourselves silly.

I mostly stuck to Nupur's wonderful step-by-step recipe, with one important difference; the paneer. Now paneer or cottage cheese is something you have to make your own. Some like it fried, others sauteed, others raw and untouched. My favourite paneer is again, another variation on a recipe I learnt from my dear friend Ruchira. I get to visit her once a year and she always dishes up the usual suspect stir fried with Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilli sauce and green bell peppers or capsicum, and yes, it's different.

So for this recipe you will need:
(a) 1 Green bell pepper, roughly chopped
(b) 1 Red bell pepper, roughly chopped
(c) 3 large black cardamoms
(d) 200 gms paneer chopped into 1/2 inch square bits
(e) Cashew tamari salad dressing
(f) Soy sauce
(g) Hot sauce/ Chilli sauce
(h) 2 tablespoons olive oil
(i) Rotis or tortillas (I use Margarita's Raw White, but any will work fine as long as they are light and airy)
(j) 2 carrots, grated
(k) Lemon juice
(l) Salt to taste

* Heat oil and add the cardamoms; fry for 2-3 minutes
* Add chopped bell peppers and saute for 10-12 minutes until they begin to grow soft
* Add paneer
* Add the cashew tamari dressing, soy sauce and hot sauce (liberally)
* Cook this on a medium to high flame for 6-8 minutes; you don't need to add salt

* Heat the tortilla and then assemble
* Add carrots and paneer to one half and then roll tightly into a wrap
* We had these with tamarind-date and coriander chutney

To wash it down, I stirred one part sour cherry syrup to eight parts sparkling water with a sprig of mint. Sweet cherry nothings that I learnt to make from friends in Turkey.

Today, I have no thought to share. I am thankfully blank :). On the last day of 2009, I imagine that this is fitting:). Quick tip of hat to all the bloggers who have been unflagging. I wonder how those of you who maintain regular food blogs do this! I mean, really. While I have enjoyed stepping back to photograph my food before eating it, paying attention to its presentation as much as to the process of cooking it and planning long and hard for things to whip out the day after; I am now officially huffing and puffing!!!

Really, you guys are quite spectacular. And yes, I know I am on the list, and no, I wasn't including myself and no, this is not a devious self-congratulatory ploy.

Off to my other errands now and I have many parties to plan for over the next few days. Hope you are all ending 2009 well; here's something to help you along:

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