Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Cavalier Cook - Numero Uno!

It's a brand new year. And a lovely day to boot. I am sitting on my couch, staring at a few crates of beer bottles and a dozen empty bottles of wine. Some cake, some madeleines and a year's supply of olives. There are flowers too. How beautifully we have sashayed into 2010.

This is the last post for now from the cavalier cook. It's been such a busy week and so exciting. I would wake up every morning and chalk out time to cook, photograph, write and then post. I'd look forward avidly to what my fellow bloggers had conjured up for the day. I'd peer curiously to see which kind people had come by to peek into my kitchen.

I planned a whole week ago for today's recipe given that it was pretty much the only risk I planned to take. I hope those of you who stayed back enjoy this. I made this in morning and let it rest in the refrigerator all day.

I was hosting a party on the evening of the 1st and wanted to hang up my apron quickly so I could stop obsessing over food photography and get to being hostess. The party was beautiful and I love my friends and am one happy couch surfer today. But yes, the main business for the day.

Guava Cheese Flan

I was introduced to this dessert in a tiny Cuban restaurant in Hoboken and have since then been waiting and waiting to try it. This last week gave me the chutzpah; ah well, okay foolhardiness to give it a try and serve it to a gaggle of uber critical graduate students (mind you, these guys practise criticism as a profession). To their credit, they were kind and mellow; blame it on the beer. I liked how it came out though. And I am uber critical. So I would strongly recommend trying it. The recipe, not the criticism.

Today I am rather lazy. So all I can tell you is I followed this recipe to the T, barring one crucial faux pas. My cream cheese had a little salt in it. Which I discovered after dunking half the container into the mixture. Didn't show though. So it was all good. Moral of the story: Ignore instructions, do not look at container labels and when it turns out well, pretend to be the coolest ever.

And here are more pictures.

And one last slice

All done, apron hung, kitchen cleaned.

Thank you Nupur, for being a host, chef and blogger extraordinarie. Thank you all my fellow runners, with your kind comments and wonderful recipes and good cheer. A very happy new year and I hope to see you all sometime in the year.

And today. I am thinking about: New Year Resolutions

Ten for 2010
(a) Drink more water
(b) Write letters; yes use that archaic tool called the pen
(c) Finish the dissertation
(d) Watch a movie a week
(e) Swim once in a while
(f) Listen
(g) Wake up early (earlier than 9 am)
(h) Run
(i) Breathe
(j) Live

Listening to: Today is an O.P.Nayyar day. You know; the horse trotting, chugging along kinds.


Anonymous said...

ooh- the flan looks and sounds deelicious!!
Oh and I love that O.P. Nayyar song too!!


Anonymous said...

you know Mathangi, I felt as though I just returned from a wedding hall after celebrating for days.Everyone has left to their daily lives etc.That's the feeling the marathon ending has left in me.Great that you found the energy to make yet another fabulous dish.Your stove looks ditto like mine(fridgidaire is it?).

Mathangi said...

Lavanya: Thanks:), it was and sinfully rich too. Some days are just trotting days, don't you think?

Ramya: I know exactly what you mean; my energy levels took a while to come down though which is why the additional dish. To its credit, it was quite easy though. My stove is a hotpoint:), but not that either of those names make any sense to me.

Thanks for coming by!

Sheetal Kiran said...

Same here! I miss it so :( Lovely, unusual recipe, as usual Mathangi! I am so going to try this ... just yummy!!

Linda said...

Glad you had such a wonderful party to usher in the New Year, Mathangi! Your flan looks divine, and most of all I like the quiet kitchen photo -- mine never looks so neat :)

Hope you keep up with your food blogging, too!

Mathangi said...

Sheetal: I know right? Although it's nice to get back to work I must admit. Do let me know how it comes out! And don't add salted cream cheese:).

Linda: Thanks but mine's been set straight for the photo-op;); the light will do the trick besides.
I will try and keep up the food blogging once in a while, do keep visiting though and I intend trying out the lotus root/stem vegetable soon!

notyet100 said...


A Homemakers Diary said...

love love love these recipes. gonna be regular at your blog. wonderful pics and recipes. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like the most delicious sin (the flan).