Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In my rapidly aging mind, I have turned immobile. I have internalized the rules and have begun to take them seriously. The journey so far should tell me that the rules are all wrong. That there are a few good things one can do and that is really about it. So in an effort to sanity, let me write mine down. And forget the rest.

(a) Be good to people -- give as much as you can
(b) Speak softly and listen harder
(c) It is not worth it to be angry and resentful; really
(d) Reach deep inside for stability; this is all one gets
(e) Work hard, it really helps
(f) People you love, matter

Tell me your six?

(P.S My horoscope today quotes Ben Okri ""Beware of the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world." )


mentalie said...

hello my dear, you seem to be in quite a pensive mood. i just read this post of yours and the last one too, thank you :)
to answer your question, i don't have a list. like the man in titanic said about it's captain: he had 26 years of experience working against him...everything he knows is wrong.
actually, maybe that's my one thing to keep in mind. also, always to remember to be curious, else everything will be boring, as will i :)

mentalie said...

eek, sorry for the typos!

mexiroccan said...

Ah, yes, the rules. Can I tell you a secret, I can't keep myself within the rules, (remember my free parking scheme at the Co-op parking lot, M's gym pass at school, my gym pass at his...). Maybe a few suggestions, a few reflections, or lessons but not rules. My dear I hardly think this 'immobility' will last with you as this post suggests all on its own.
(a) Be good to people sans -
(f) I am moving it up as you can see.
(b) listen and speak softly
(c) correct, but if you do get angry use that anger to move into action.
(d) yes and breath deeply... but also look to those around you.
(e) live life... work hard



mexiroccan said...

Oh and as if you did not know this... I do well in places with rules where nobody follows them :) MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

Do the stories really alter our world? Yep, I think they do.

Nice to drop by here again, Matto!!!

Mathangi said...

Mentalie: Most pensive and very cluttered; I need a pen-sieve. And nope, I don't think you'll be boring. Ever.

Susy: You my lovely are the original rebel. And you do it in such style too. Ranting all the way albeit.

Mac: So nice to see you here again! What stories are altering your world these days/

mexiroccan said...

ja ja ja! Someone has to do the ranting ;) Besos