Thursday, February 18, 2010

Argh, ugh, damn, damn, damn, damn

Blistering barnacles, thundering typhoons and murdering mimosas.

Damn damn damn.

Ugh, argh, double argh.

(Yes, this has become one of those ranty, boring, diary-like, teenage chronicles.)

Okay sorry, now we are done.


mentalie said...

ahahahahaah! murdering mimosas!

what about so sad samosas ;p

chin up, maddo!


Mathangi said...

No want to up chin, want to tuck it into belly and melt into gut.

And samosas are far from sad.

Hugs back, thanks babe :).

mexiroccan said...

No tucking it into the belly and letting it melt unless its butter :P

Hope it's better... Miss u...

mentalie said...

aiyyo. have cadbury's.

Anonymous said...

nah, nah. Teenage and boring in the same sentence? don't think so..

Anonymous said...

Adult-masking-as-teenage ranting is way underrated.

Mathangi said...

Mexiroccan: Bit better, could be much:)! And this is when I most miss you!

mentalie: OOh not a bad idea. Although I have discovered Dove; which is close.

Achala: Well perhaps not teenage and boring; but maybe teenage angsty-boring? Thanks for coming by!

Mac: Hahahahahah, then I will give you more of these soon enough!

mexiroccan said...

Beautiful I need your address! Send it to my email :)