Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For your wide-eyed wonderment, I give you:

(a) A kaleidoscope
(b) Soap bubbles
(c) Trees
(d) An iguana
(e) Jasmine flowers
(f) Red
(h) Shiny faces on train journeys
(i) Late afternoon sunlight


(j) A camera

Now please make me a story?


shrik said...

You've graduated from sentences to stories, good!

mentalie said...

make me one and save my day!

Mathangi said...

Shrik: No no, you are supposed to! :)

Vidie: Coming your way in your mailbox. Sunday?

Senthil said...

Whenever it is difficult to integrate a bunch of items into a story, try residue integration. As I am learning tonight, it is quite powerful.