Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Post for the Old Year

Going to Sleep

Now that the day wearies me,
My yearning desire,
will receive more kindly,
like a tired child, the starry night

Hence, leave off your deeds
mind, forget all thoughts;
All of my forces
yearn only to sink into sleep.

And my soul, unguarded,
would soar on widespread wings,
to live in a night's magical sphere
More profoundly, more variously.

-- Hermann Hesse

Friday, December 24, 2010

Long Distance Love

That I don’t know how you take your coffee or you, how I take my tea (cream, no sugar, strong) should not be reason enough to question love. Or should it?

That I don’t know how your stubble feels in the morning or you, how I curl up at night should not be cause to end this enterprise. Or can it?

How does love begin? In ritual? In habit? In forms unknown? In lives remembered? In movement familiar? In the present? In the future? In the notion of time or the absence of reason? How, when, why, where?

I’m afraid I must now go to bed. But let’s do this again tomorrow.

Chagall, Marc
Four Tales from the Arabian Nights
Plate 6: "So she came down from the tree"
Color lithograph 14 1/2 x 11 inches; 1948
Pantheon Books: New York