Thursday, January 28, 2010

After a long time, reading is invoking in me, what is my only form of primeval joy. Beauty, joy, wide-eyed glee. I am galloping through some wonderful articles. It is too late at night and morning will come shortly so I cannot say everything about them that I want to. However, this much I will share. I am glad. I have increasingly begun to fear that I will bore myself to death; but now I know that there are other ways to write than mine.

(P.S Here is an abstract for one: "The Egg Men", Burkhard Bilger, New Yorker, Sept 5, 2005, pp.110; apologies for the teaser. But here's the other full article: Little Wing)

On a completely unrelated aside, when I am a diva-esque academic, I want to dress like Annalisa Cranell.

Ignore the part below; this is for me.

Keywords: Habits, Bombay-Pune trains, routines of work, searching for order, Stern's gardens, egg men and addicts and workaholics and adrenalin junkies, safety, order, America and strangeness, a stranger in a strange land, comforting objects, objects making us human -- Danny Miller, beautiful objects and homes, signature designs on the bedside table, imagined audiences.