Friday, September 10, 2010

Time to Write

It's time to be back, don't you think? Enough of a break already! I am now 1200 miles north of where I used to be and much colder than I ever used to be. Literally, not metaphorically. People here are true to caricature, incredibly warm. In a good way. The curmudgeonly part of me sometimes longs for NYC, or other rude places, but only in an ignorant, aspirational sort of way. At the core of it lies a small-townness that I can neither disavow nor fully accept. One that seeks familiarity and is quite at home with warmth, even as it brings back traumas of excessive involvement and a society of soap operas. Ah the travails of middle-classness. Digression aside, I am in Madison. And I'm going to stay for a bit.

Here are some places I saw on the way.

First there was Austin, which was incredibly hard to leave.

Then R and I went to Little Rock, Arkansas. Why? Well, because it was on the way. And because we wanted to see Clinton Street. Oh, and it has good beer. Really good beer. And goat cheese pizza. And we played chess at the bar. Ok enough about Little Rock, but here's a picture of the beer.

And then there was St.Louis, ah lovely St.Louis, ah beautiful arch, ah wonderful urbanity.

And then the Mississipi...from a chopper...yes, I know...

And one last....

And then we got to Lafayette, Indiana after much wading through (more) cornfields

...where much fun was had and much potential romance kindled. If you don't believe me, ask S and M about R and N. And that's all I will say about that.

And finally, to Madison...

....where I currently reside, teach and tango.

Along the way, R taught me how to

(a) Tailgate trucks
(b) Drink frappucinos and pine for iced tea
(c) Drive at eighty miles an hour

I taught R how to
(a) Really know Amitabh Bachchan movies; like really
(b) Yell at trucks; cuss sometimes
(c) Make uninformed, irrational, and unrealistic consumption propositions

A pretty good trade I think.

Now that I'm back on solid ground, come back you people. Say hello.