Friday, January 21, 2011

21.1.2011: And so it begins...

Here we go then. This blog has now officially been revamped. Stop shaking your head, you'll see. More details coming up here, but here's what one might call the net-net. I will post everyday. Each day's post will conform to a different loosely titled theme. Many more will write along with me, and I will post their bios as they write.

Why this change? Well firstly, in the manner of every product, brand, web-page, person, dog, and kitten, I need something new. So in other words, just. Secondly, I am surrounded by a community of incredibly talented, versatile, funny, engaged, involved, and interesting people. So I invited them to write too. Am hoping they do.

So this is what we are doing every day of the week for the next year.

Sunday - The "Cavalier Cook" returns; just food -- recipes, restaurant reviews, gustatory thoughts.
Monday - "Square Peg";or rather, anything that doesn't fit within the rest of the week.
Tuesday - "Blue Turban"; unlike the man who predicts the proverbial end of the world, we won't. Instead we get political.
Wednesday - "Reels and Parchment"; reviews, thoughts, or just random musings on books and films.
Thursday - "Muse"; pretty pictures and what we think about such prettiness.
Friday - "Story-time"; this one's mine.
Saturday - "Peregrination", travel writing.

Over the next few days, I will bulk up the other sections of this blog and update information. The official writing kicks of as it should, with food, come Sunday. Do come visit. We'd love to have you tell us what you think.

Until then, enjoy the weekend. It's cold here in Madison; the temperature was at a minus twenty six degrees celsius yesterday as I walked back from school. My hands threatened to fall off as did my face.

It's beautiful though. And the cardinals are out.