Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Soup: Avocado

(Some of you who have been kind and frequent visitors will remember that I began a series of posts titled the "Cavalier Cook" in the last week of 2009 as a response to star food-blogger Nupur's invitation to a cooking marathon. Suffice to say, I've been huffing and puffing ever since. So taking account of (a) busy lives (hah!), and (b) laziness (that's more like it), this is now a weekly column. )

Winter demands soup. And warmth, and comfort, and ease. And cooking that one can wrap up in fifteen minutes. Such is today's fare.

For four servings of avocado soup, you will need
(a) 4 medium-sized ripe avocados (yes I know; you knew that already Einstein)
(b) A handful of cilantro/ coriander leaves/ dhaniya patta (My Turkish friends are cringing in some part of the world right now; they hate cilantro as much as they love parsley)
(c) A cup of lime/lemon juice
(d) A tbs of cream
(e) Vegetable/ Chicken broth
(f) Salt and pepper

* Halve the avocados like so;

* Scoop out the flesh and mash into a thick paste
* Blend together the cilantro and lime and add to this paste

* Warm your broth of choice (mine has switched to chicken broth ever since falling ill and drinking gallons of it) and add to the soup. *NEVER* warm the soup directly on the stove. Add warm broth every time you need to re-serve.
* Season with salt and pepper, add a dollop of cream.
* Voila
* We had this with mozzarella, pesto and tomato sandwiches. Most fulfilling.

This wonderfully simple recipe is courtesy a day-long Oaxacan cooking lesson I had when visiting my dear friends Susy and Mauricio. This is the dinner I will owe them when they come visit:). If ever in Oaxaca, do go learn from Oscar at Casa Crespo.

On other fronts, I have to go scrape ice off my car, so hasta maƱana. What are you guys cooking today?