Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Egypt in Quotes

An effigy of President Hosni Mubarak hung from a traffic light in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Tuesday.

Hossam el-Hamalaw in The Washington Post

"The revolution for me is about radical redistribution of wealth and a government that will represent the will of the Egyptian people when it comes to civil liberties in addition to a pro-resistance stand vis a vis the U.S. hegemony on the region and Israel. ElBaradei is not the man for that."

Yousry in conversation with Parvez Sharma in Mondoweiss:

"Now everyone knows that when you get up in the morning you need to walk towards Tahrir-its instinctive-no one needs to text you or tweet you to tell this, and in any case most of the people anywhere in this amazing country don’t have tweet or Facebook or all that shit."

And lastly, some remarkable pictures such as this on PBS:

This is not a commentary. Or a critique. This is however, in solidarity. After all, it is not necessary to know or understand outcomes. Rage such as this, revolt such as this, people such as these; it's difficult not to see. It's important to see.