Monday, April 02, 2012

The Real

Guest post courtesy Deepak Kaw

All images © Deepak Kaw

The Real is thus, in effect, all three dimensions at the same time: the abyssal vortex which ruins every consistent structure; the mathematized consistent structure of reality; the fragile pure appearance.
-- Slavoj Zizek, For they Know Not What They Do

I am nothing
I will never be anything
I cannot desire to be nothing
Moreover, I carry in me all the dreams of the world.
-- Tobacco Shop, Fernando Pessoa


Arshiya Bose said...

What fantastic pictures! I would have never thought about seeing champa flowers in that way...

Deepak said...

Or Real is what is in constantly in front of our eyes yet far beyond us to fathom and so to structure our thoughts we constantly create our own image of the Real that is far removed from the real Real... ;)

Mathangi said...

@Arshiya Bose: How about another guest post from you now?

@Deepak Kaw: Take a bow and you are free to respond to any and all comments, including Arshiya's :). And keep the thoughts coming.

Senthil said...

Brilliant photographs!