Saturday, April 07, 2012

Two nights

Bombay, April 5, 2011: The city looks reassuring at night. Lights out. I'm in a car buzzing alongside condominiums, shuttered shops, hazy garbage lined streets, and intrepid dogs. The buildings loom large. In the vertical distance, one lone flickering bulb indicates midnight prevarications, insomnias, and muddled sleep. There are still people on the streets. A lone figure adjusts his backpack and crosses the street. He walks straight in search of home.

Madison, April 5, 2011: The city looks ghostlier at night. One longs for the return of day. The quiet of day solidifies into the loneliness of night. Orderly people have been tucked away into orderly beds. The shops are brightly lit to deter thieves and the homeless. Security systems watch over the lifeless objects of daytime happiness. I'm in a bus with large windows and the moon shines right through. It is am almost-full moon night.