My name is Mathangi Krishnamurthy, in case you hadn't guessed. I am an anthropologist, and currently a lecturer and postdoctoral fellow at The University of Wisconsin, Madison. I moderate, and write on this blog, which has so far been privy to a couple of cities, two countries, and multiple lives.

In some ways, I consider this blog a record of my life. But now, it's time to include other lives. Here we go then. This blog has now officially been revamped. At the beginning of Year 2011, I wanted to post everyday. Alas, we know what happened to that plan. The heart is robust, and the hand weak. I continue to want to write as also to be surrounded by a community of incredibly talented, versatile, funny, engaged, involved, and interesting people. We, are also, all lazy.

Do be patient and watch this space whenever you can for themes such as these.

The "Cavalier Cook" returns; just food -- recipes, restaurant reviews, gustatory thoughts.
"Square Peg";or rather, anything that doesn't fit within the rest of the week.
"Blue Turban"; unlike the man who predicts the proverbial end of the world, we won't. Instead we get political.
"Reels and Parchment"; reviews, thoughts, or just random musings on books and films.
"Muse"; pretty pictures and what we think about such prettiness.
"Story-time"; this one's mine.
"Peregrination", travel writing.

Come visit, perhaps even write for me. We'd love to have you tell us what you think.